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Floral embroidered yellow tunic

19380 Ft

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Comfortable, loose cut. Decorative flower embroidery on the front.

This floral embroidered yellow tunic is not only a fun and stylish choice for fashion-conscious women, but also an essential wardrobe addition. The vibrant yellow fabric infuses the dress with a sense of freshness and dynamism, making it an ideal pick for warmer periods and a summer-inspired vibe.

The meticulous detailing of the flowers, along with the harmonious blend of colors in the embroidery, magnifies the tunic's uniqueness and allure. Crafted from high-quality materials, this tunic ensures both comfort and durability. Its loose and lightweight design makes it a perfect selection for hot weather, guaranteeing a refreshing and pleasant experience throughout the day.

This versatile yellow tunic effortlessly complements various occasions and styles, adding a touch of lightness. Summery charm to everyday outfits, while also being suitable for more sophisticated events.

Whether paired with skinny jeans, shorts, or even a skirt, this tunic easily adapts to different looks. It can be transformed with the right accessories and footwear. Overall, this tunic stands out as a distinctive and fashionable piece in women's fashion.

With its remarkable flower embroidery and captivating yellow hue, this tunic ensures that the wearer remains at the center of attention. Its comfortable material and versatility enable you to confidently and stylishly flaunt the tunic on any occasion.

Size Chart

Bust: 106cm, Waist: 108cm, Length: 64cm

Bust: 114cm, Waist: 114cm, Length: 67cm

Bust: 118cm, Waist: 120cm, Length: 70cm

The material is partly flexible.
Material: 97% cotton; 3% spandex

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