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Black embroidered overlap blouse

31245 Ft

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Slimming, shape-enhancing style. Made of slightly elastic material. With waist belt. The material with a discreet satin sheen complements the embroidery perfectly. It is suitable for any occasion.
Belt length: 132 cm, lengthens by 10 cm per size.

This garment is a combination of elegance and uniqueness that attracts attention. The black satin material radiates high quality and luxury. The shine and smoothness of the satin gives the dress a special feeling. The floral embroidered patterns shine in bright colors and bring life to the black fabric.

These details give the top a rich texture and a unique look. The overlapping style of the top is modern and trendy, while its slimmed down style emphasizes the figure. The overlap optically stretches and shapes the body and at the same time emphasizes femininity.

And the belt on the waist emphasizes the waistline even more and lends a unique style. This dress is the perfect choice for special events, evening programs or even elegant dinners. The colorful embroidery and the overlapping design combine to create a magical look that lets you shine with confidence and style.

Size Chart

Bust: 80cm, Waist: 68cm, Hip: 80cm,  Arm's length from shoulder: 48cm, Arm circumference: 32cm, Blues length from shoulder: 60cm

Bust: 90cm, Waist: 82cm, Hip: 90cm,  Arm's length from shoulder: 49cm, Arm circumference: 36cm, Blues length from shoulder: 62cm

Bust: 100cm, Waist: 92cm, Hip: 100cm,  Arm's length from shoulder: 50cm, Arm circumference: 40cm, Blues length from shoulder: 64cm

The material is partly flexible.
Material: 97% cotton; 3% spandex

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